The Legend of Tojo Creek

Long ago an ancient band of wanderers roamed the forest called Hunters Point near the mighty river we now call the Cumberland.  One day, Tojo the Elder discovered a secret cave from which a magic stream flowed.  The waters made Tojo immortal.  He called the stream Tojo Creek.  To this day no one knows where that secret cave is.  The wood elves say, if you enter these woods at midnight of the first full moon after the winter solstice and be very very still, you will hear Tojo dip his drinking gourd into the creek, take a sip, and begin to sing his song.

The Resurgence of Gourds

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Shortly after buying our small farm in Lebanon, TN, we planted a pack of mixed gourd seeds purchased from Wal-Mart.  I took a few of the small colorful ones to work.  A coworker told me that the Tennessee Gourd Society Festival & Show was taking place the next weekend at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center (aka: Wilson County Fairgrounds). We attended the show and were amazed at the variety of things that could be made with gourds. I found a niche product to grow and Zena found a new medium for her art.

Our Products:


We sell handcrafted gourds in various shapes, sizes, and utilizing several techniques.  Check out our large selection by visiting our farm or event we are attending.

  • Gourd Education
  • Dried Gourds
  • Handcrafted Gourd Art
  • Gourd Crafting Classes
  • Craft Supplies
  • Gourd Crafting Books
  • Stress Relieving Coloring Books 

 We hold classes in our on-farm studio where we teach various gourd crafting techniques to all levels of crafter, from novice to advanced..

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We sell dried and crafted gourds on the farm and at selected arts and crafts fairs and festivals throughout the year.

Tojo Creek Ranch

Gourds and More

We are passionate about gourds and enjoy educating others on their history and usage.  We grow our own gourds and sell to other artists in the Middle Tennessee area.